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Coming back soon!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I miss all of you very much! Lately, I've been doing some writing and I've been caught up with work and just life in general but I will be coming back soon and with a new story!

Hope all is well with everyone! Happy New Years! Oh, and I'm officially legal to buy alcohol lol... The graceful age of 21 has come about.


Daniela Bustamante

4th January 2014

LMAO welcome back DAniela

Kitchera Hicks

5th January 2014

Good to see you posting, Daniela. Hope your up and operating soon.

Jim Miller

5th January 2014

Thank you guys! For sure will be back soon!

Daniela Bustamante

6th January 2014

Happy 21st Daniela! Looking forward to your return.

Davide Castel

6th January 2014

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