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What is going on?

For the past 5 days I have had exactly zero notifications. Is something wrong with the system or have people just given up?

Don Yarber

23rd January 2014

Don, I have noticed the same thing.

every time I have accessed this site, never a whisper of discussion or a dearth of writing.

my only messages have been private.

this once thriving, active site seems to have reversed now that everybody is in their library mode.

the few times (in the past weeks) that I have posted anything hardly any feedbacks or comments---not even a plethora of discussions(trying to use my vocabulary here since it is being wasted on unread or uncared for musings).

what happened to the contest of writing about WINTER.

the writings I do see are from some newer members.

I hope this does not mean that for the third time in my experience of writing sites that what I write or wrote on is going to fade away; causing me to seek another site to express myself.


Leonard a. Wronke

23rd January 2014

Don and Leonard...I noticed the same zero contributions. Quite disheartening. I feel this site is on the OUT!

Jon Paul...Why is there no mention about your Winter 2013 comp? I know there were not many entries, yet the 15th of January has passed, so why is there no verdict?

Davide Castel

24th January 2014

Ditto to all the above. Have noticed few to no posts also. Am looking forward to the results of the winter writing contest.

Jim Miller

23rd January 2014

hello all! don't despair! It will take me a couple weeks to gather feedback and report on a winner!

Jon paul Janze

24th January 2014

I add stuff all the time. I mean sure it's not weekly like I used to but things get busy this time of year

Jordan Hewitt

26th January 2014

i have very little time to access a computer esp. a computer with internet connection…. and when i do have those rare moments of blissful conveinence i am unfortunately forced to be doing something else… like, *gasp* work! haha (i have my computer hooked up at my parents house [ where i don't live nor have a key for ] because they have an internet connection which they let me go use to work from 'home' for a few hours each day.

i have been battling my own inner demons and addictions for years; and lately was down to just one last crutch on the long list of substances long since departed from my daily use that they may as well be a memory or a dream… except opiates. nothing worked to aid in succeeding in helping me rid myself of that curse. for the most part i did dope in order to feel a slight tingle of serenity and sanity as the days continue to push me through the motions of routine with a viscious obsession with being completely mundane; but then, sooner than later, the d.o.c[drug of choice] itself became the culprit for the underlining cause to my boredom.

so then on to the next one i would go… some had the descency to be a good house guest and leave with in an appropriate time and didn't need me to say "hey, you've over stayed your welcome here…." but others… well others were much too fun for me to force outta my mind! hell i'm certain there has been one or two which i probably forcefully kept confined inside me!

yet, opiates… and needles… those things, well, there is no comparison my friends. "once you pop," (picture a big pringles can with needles in it) "you cannot stop!" slogan on my shirt…. 5$ in my wallet and a decade of income and profit lingering about inside my blood stream. granted, the veins which had yet to collapse, remained invisible as they hid beneath the surface of my pale, leathery and scabbed up skin.

four over doses within eleven months, i mean four straight up flat lines… the fourth (and previously [hopefully] last one) i awoke on the stretcher to discover the paramedic struggling to flag a vein to give me w/e they give people… so i awoke long enough to inform him "you will not find a vein in there, trust me…" followed by me bending my arm towards my chest in an awkward arch, then saying, with a hint of leisure in my voice, "you can usually find a sucker that pops up on the back of my forearm here… down near the elbows end.. an inch or so up and a half inch in, 50 degree angle.. and you'll catch that bitch like it was moby dick."

still, none of those (except the last one) really even scared me let alone put a slow to my roll… i mean, soon as i was released from the hospital i would be cabbing home (but first to my dealers)… rather i harboured a disdain and a hint of self-destructive tendencies i do not know… i do know though once i finally decided (after 4 years of abusing that drug [in its many forms] and a bajallion-and-one-prik of a needles poke later; and a good few dozen girlfriends fled the soon-to-be-crime

Jordan Newman

26th January 2014

that many people know it by it's common street name- Jordan Newman's existence….

Yet, i do know, that after going that far deep- leaving it behind was not going to come with any amount of ease… although i was aware of that from the get go as nothing that i had to quit was worth quitting (haha) and hence would do its best to linger about… to remain in the scene, even if i had to lie to everyone about everything, then so be it! but i mean eventually even i grew tired of that guise and would retire that costume among the wall of other retired 'jersey's'. some people are MVP's or VIP's but my various characteristic roles have all been entered into the Con-Artist's Hall of Fame- and i used to be proud of this achievement, hell i even used to call this an 'achievement!'

but, even after quitting literally almost every known substance one can partake in- this would set out as a challenge beyond belief. nothing had yet prepare me for this. no amount of lectures or pamphlets could even equate to that of 'tying my running shoes' before the 'big race.'

if i had just stayed clean of poison in my vein during my stint in prison then all would have some how found a way to keep me here, to level it all to an equal playing field… i'd have managed, somehow, to maintain (contain) my fits and bouts of uncontrollable depression. but i am a fool of many sorts and various degrees; but in the end, a fool none the less so i had to learn first hand just how difficult some things can be… that it ain't all myths about narcotics- some of the tales you hear are close to true… but unfortunately truth exists in them on the wrong side of the spectrum… instead of balancing close to 'myth' it slid the other way, closer to 'fact' but if only the exaggerated facts of symptoms were a little more close to accurate….

Jordan Newman

26th January 2014

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