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where do you live?

I live in a valley where the sun and moon meet
The mountains. Where wishes are bountiful in a star-filled
Sky. I live where wolves roam free and the coyotes scream
In the night. I live where the air is filled with the scent
Of fruit trees. I live where life is overflowing but the people can't see it. I live where anything is possible; where the word
iMPOSSIBLE simply means, I Make Possible!

Where do you live?

Cindy Beitinger

22nd March 2014

I live in a cave where the only light visible comes from small fractures in the ceiling.

Water, plant-life, and various creatures sometimes join me in my eternal home, but they never last long.

They are replaced by and endless stream of other, slightly different, entities that are equally brief in existence.

I am comforted when they greet me, yet am indifferent when they leave. Though no one seems to enjoy my abode, it is the only place I have ever known.

I am beginning to see a larger light forming in the walls ahead, but am unsure if I will leave this place.

Where do you live?

Taylor Lanson

23rd March 2014

I live in a land of history. My Old Kentucky Home. And also a land of mystery. The home of Abe and Jeff, opposing factors in the great Civil War. The land of beautiful horses and wild women. Or is that beautiful women and wild horses? The land of bourbon whiskey, (ah), and barbecue. Quiet roads that go no-where. Deer that go everywhere. Farmlands full of fun and corn. Birds that fly the air everywhere. I wasn't born here, but I live here. This is, indeed, My Old Kentucky Home. See my profile picture.

Don Yarber

23rd March 2014

Don, I have seen your home before. It is a gorgeous piece of property. Thank you both for sharing you perspectives.

Cindy Beitinger

23rd March 2014

I live in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, just eight miles north of Pittsburgh. We have a small, red brick Cape Cod style house with a lot of character, your basic 'fixer upper". It did get a new roof in October 2013. The yard is large and unruly. It is surrounded by home made walls, different terraces and gardens. The back slopes steeply up to a small wooded area that has a grand view across the hills. There is a large flock of sparrows who live here, house sparrows and song sparrow, several blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, starlings and mourning doves come by daily because I put out a nice spread for the birds. Three crows are regular guests here, they come when I call them or if they arrive when I am in the house, they call me, and I bring their special treat out to them- a cut up hot dog, some bread and peanuts.There is a small fenced area for the dogs and we have planted different grasses and bamboos for natural privacy screens all around. This is not where I would have chosen to live, but , well never mind. It is paid for now and I guess this is where we will be for a while. The funny thing is, the house that I grew up in is a mirror image of this one, and is directly next door.

Warren Gates

24th March 2014

I live in a house, quite close to the sea
Where inspiration and happiness is meant for me
A place where I can relax, like a walking mantra
But also with a view, which plays like an orchestra

I love where I live; the air is so pure, so serene
The people are friendly; I live in a pleasant dream
Where reality is focused on the friends in your life
Rather than the world above, with its negative vice

I live in Australia, a new country that just grew
Yet, I wouldn't change it for another one, that's so true
I've travelled the world and always happy to return home
For Australia to me spells happiness, it's where I roam.

Davide Castel

28th March 2014

I live mostly in my imagination, though my body tends to reside in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
I love the island atmosphere, the damp sea air, and most of all the grassy cliffs that greet the ocean's spray.
Here I lay my heart; in grassy, windswept cradle, to nourish and protect.
The people band together here, patient with each day.
They've suffered much, and every one has room for understanding.
They do not judge.
They accept and love; one such as me, once stranded on the shore.

Leoni Carlson

28th March 2014

I love the way everyone has responded here. It seems that we each appreciate our surroundings and our home.

Cindy Beitinger

29th March 2014

WE are lucky to have such places , for shelter and comfort and to be ourselves in. So many people in in the world are not blessed with this luxury.

Warren Gates

31st March 2014

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