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Experimental free giveaway

For a limited time, I will give 25 ScribeSlice members who have been members for longer than 1 year, a free Kindle copy of my latest book, "Train to the Sun". It will not cost you a penny. First 25 members meeting the above requirement who visit my webpage at and send me an email requesting a FREE Kindle version will get one. You MUST request it through my webpage, and you MUST provide your e-mail address. If you do not have a KINDLE unit, you can download KINDLE FOR PC free of charge from the Kindle website.

Don Yarber

2nd June 2014

So far 4 people have requested the Kindle version of "Train to the Sun" and I've sent them. Please let me know by email through my webpage when you have read the book, and comment on it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks, Don.

Don Yarber

3rd June 2014

it is too bad I cannot be a part of this. I do not have and will not get a kindle.

I can only hope this book "Train to the Sun " is as great as all your other books even "The Sign Killer."

Leonard a. Wronke

4th June 2014

Leonard: If you have a computer you can download a free "Kindle" version for PC. I'd be glad to send you the book if you want to do that.

Don Yarber

15th June 2014

Don I just got my kindle back from my sister and downloaded your book today as will start reading this week and will write a review when I am done with it.

Deborah Boydston

15th June 2014

Don, thank you for the Kindle computer has been malfunctioning this past 10 days...on off on off...have had it looked at three times...last time today....the tech did complete rewire ...will wait until i see if this time my computer is fixed.

if it is truly...i will go for the free Kindle and will let you know if i can accept your gift.

Leonard a. Wronke

15th June 2014

Thank you Deborah.....and thank you, Leonard.

I would like to hear from the others to whom I sent the Kindle Edition, as a courtesy, to let me know if they received it, if they've read it, and what they think of it. Thanks..Don

Don Yarber

21st June 2014

OK FOLKS: Time has ran out. I can no longer send free copies of "Train to The Sun"

Thanks to those who requested it.


Don Yarber

28th June 2014

thankyou for sending me a copy Don I am looking forward to reading this Western.

Leslie Blackwell

29th June 2014

For those of you who requested (and received) a Kindle version of my book "Train to the Sun" I would like to say, thank you. I appreciate your interest in my books. Please take the time to go to and write a review of the book. It will only take a few minutes and will help me in my book sales and ratings. Thank you.

Don Yarber

14th July 2014

I guess there are many reasons I haven't seen any reviews for "Train to the Sun" on Amazon.Com. 1. Recipients haven't read the book yet. 2. Recipients haven't written reviews yet. 3. Recipients didn't think it was worth reviewing. 4. Recipients think I'm too "pushy" by asking for reviews. 5. Recipients have their own lives and can't be bothered. 6. Recipients don't like Westerns. 7. Recipients don't like Western-Mysteries. 8. Recipients don't like me. 9. Recipients didn't ever get the book and therefore are not Recipients. 10. Recipients don't want to hurt my feelings by writing a review. All of the above are acceptable reasons.

Don Yarber

12th August 2014

Hi, Don. So sorry for the delay in writing a review on``Train to the Sun.``I`ve been so busy lately, what with my job, and taking care of my family. The fact is, I haven``t even had time to do much writing lately. I do intend to write a review as soon as I can get your book read.I`ve always enjoyed the Western genre, in particular, those novels which have been translated to the big screen. Adios for now, pardner!

Allen Clarke

13th August 2014

All of the above and others and stuff and whatever. Its like trying to come up with an excuse for not doing your homework...OMG I've been burgled and the burglars stole me review!!!!

Leslie Blackwell

15th August 2014

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