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Just a question on a technical aspect of ScribeSlice

When you are reading a short story or other, when you hover over the about button it shows you how many people have viewed it. Does this number only count people with accounts or everyone that views it whether or not they have an account?

Alex Makridakis

10th September 2014

I believe it counts everyone who views whether they are members of scribeslice or not but I'll double check that for you.

Deborah Boydston

10th September 2014

While we are on the subject I have often wondered if this counter includes the author? What I mean by that is if you post a story, poem, article etc. does it count each time you check the comments, discussions or do any editing? Or does it discount that and only counts the people who read or view your story, poem etc.

Leslie Blackwell

11th September 2014

Hi Leaders...Warren Gates is having trouble logging into this site. Keeps getting the wrong password. Any suggestions?

Davide Castel

11th September 2014

JON PAUL is beiong made aware of Warren's predicament. he should assess it in the next week or shorter and return an answer.

thank you, Deborah, for informing JON PAUL.

Leonard a. Wronke

10th September 2014

Your welcome.

@Leslie as well as letting Jon Paul know about the account issue I have also submitted the inquiries about our "view" counts.

Deborah Boydston

11th September 2014

The views count is anyone including non-account holders that has viewed the piece of writing. My understanding is that it doesn't include the author in the count.

Jon paul Janze

13th September 2014

Thank you for helping me to get back to Scribeslice!! My longtime passsword was not being accepted, I mutiple-checked that I entered it correctly. So after much frustration trying to re-set the password, I finally found the link in my Junk Mail box! I am sure my computer had / has some issues as other things were not behaving as usual. But all is well and again, thank you to Davide Castel and Don Yarber for contacting the leaders on my behalf!

Warren Gates

15th September 2014

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