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As most of you may know, I am straight out of the Stone Age, when it comes to computer technology. I am looking for advice, when it comes to things such as, i.e.importing some of my material from Scribeslice to other locations.That is just one example.Maybe, there are others out there who may need a hand just to be able to get on with the business side of writing.

Allen Clarke

4th April 2015

There are probably many ways to import your material from Scribeslice the easiest being to click on the "About" option above your work (between Subscribe and Recommend, scroll down to Edit, highlight the text you want, right click mouse, select copy and finally paste into whatever document you wish to import it to. This will still leave a copy of the work on ScribeSlice. Final step is to close out of editing mode in Scribeslice and you will still retain a copy. You can then if you so wish click "About" again and choose "Delete" to erase the file from Scribeslice, but if you do go down that path just remember you will not be able to reload it again (unless you want to start from scratch and post a new copy of it.

Leslie Blackwell

5th April 2015

Thanks, Leslie. That little tid-bit of info is hugely helpful!

Allen Clarke

11th April 2015

glad to be of some assistance

Leslie Blackwell

14th April 2015

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