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Hello to all of my friends


I am back, at least for now. Several events in my life precluded being active on this site for several months. I won't go into details. Just want to say hi to those of you who know me, and "glad to meet you" to those who don't.

Don Yarber

11th June 2015

Good to have you back, Don.

Jim Miller

11th June 2015

Hi ya Don... Nice to hear from you.
Events seem to have hindered me too, from being active on this site.

Davide Castel

12th June 2015

Hello Don, it is so wonderful to hear from you again.

Deborah Boydston

11th June 2015

Glad you are back again

Cindy Beitinger

11th June 2015

The spirit of this community has returned.

The insight you give has immensely challenged this community to make us better.

Welcome back.

Leonard a. Wronke

12th June 2015

Welcome home.

If I knew you were a coming I would have baked a cake.

Return of the Don. Good to see you back Don, looking forward to reading more of your creations.

Leslie Blackwell

13th June 2015

This may be considered SPAM by some, but I have to mention it in order to credit a friend with his work. Allen Clarke and I started a PI novel quite some time ago, "Joint Effort in Death" and with Allen's permission,I have used his character to finish the book. It is now available on Amazon.Com. Kudos are due to Allen.

Don Yarber

14th June 2015

Glad you are back Don! Hope all is well!

Jon paul Janze

17th June 2015

Welcome back Don!

Robert Harris

1st July 2015

Nice to make your acquaintance.

Myles Kridler

2nd July 2015

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