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What do you think is the reason why there seems to be a lack of interest/participation on Scribeslice.

Allen Clarke

24th February 2016

A plausible explanation as to the apparent disinterest may well be attributed to a lack of direction. At the heart of every worthwhile human endeavor, lurks the imminent question..."What's in this for me?" I know, for a certainty that someone will ask," Why it's because we contribute, year after year to something which never seems to "pay" for the love of writing. To which I would reply that some people who dabble at writing probably earn a comfortable living doing something else. Let's face it, people, compliments don't pay the bills. My, my, my, if I had a dollar every time someone read my "free writing", I would already have earned over 2000 dollars. What's your slant on this?

Allen Clarke

24th February 2016

ALLEN, are you saying that you want to be paid to write on this site?

that is up to JON PAUL.

Leonard a. Wronke

24th February 2016

Hi All, one thing I have heard recently is that there is a slowdown in the amount of feedback being left on writing. I am going to try an experiment and have a professional editor periodically login and leave feedback on writing. Lets see if that gets people motivated again.

Jon Paul

Jon paul Janze

25th February 2016

Jon Paul, will this be for only future submissions or will this editor pick past efforts which to comment?

I feel it was this lack of the feedback from the previous that brought about the state of affairs we, now, have here.

the editor does not need to read everything (as you said) but picking, at least, one submission(if possible) from everyone(the editor's choosing) may be the spark everyone here needs.

this is only my own opinion.

Leonard a. Wronke

26th February 2016

I personally just have a lot of interruptions in my daily life including lack of consistent access to an internet and computer etc.

Plus i just haven't been having too much creativity soar through me lately; but that could be due to a lot of the personal shit i am going through lately since i only write what i don't really feel... when i feel things i can't really write haha.. i dunno...

but i hope this site stays up and active.
maybe it needs a scoring system? a competitive edge? more promotional activities? etc?

i dunno.! i do like the criticism and inspiration i rec've off this site and it's users.

Jordan Newman

2nd March 2016

God forbid, should Scribeslice ever fold, then what becomes of our works? Do we just simply pack them up in our little gunny sack on a stick and head off over the setting sun, or what? I assume that we would be able to export all our works out of this website. That, is,if ever the need would arise. It's just food for thought.

Allen Clarke

6th March 2016

Haha! Don't worry Allen! We aren't going anywhere!

Jon paul Janze

6th March 2016

Like I said in a previous discussion, the reason why scribslice is inactive is twofold:

1. some very active members left the site

2. There is little to no incentive to read and critique other people's works

On another online publishing site that I use, it is based on a point system. the way it works is that you cannot post a work onto the site unless you meet the point requirements to upload. The longer the work, the more points that are required to upload. The way you earn points is by critiquing/reviewing other people's works. the longer your critique or response, the more points you earn. If for some reason you get a critique or response that is mumbo jumbo, written jibberish simply so that points can be gained - then there is a system for reporting the response to an admin to have it removed, the responder penalized, and the points that the responder gain to be revoked.

Honestly, this system incentivizes the members of the site not only to post their work, but to be active in the community by reading an responding to other people'e work.

Taylor Lanson

10th March 2016

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