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barnes and noble

I found out from an outside source (which anyone here can research by going on the web ) that Barnes and noble is going to allow self published books to be available in their stores if certain criteria is met for sales.

Since there are a few of us already self published may be worth it to look into this.

Maybe even do our own publishing logo( if Jon Paul wishes to think about it).

Leonard a. Wronke

9th July 2016

It appears I am alone in this discussion.

Once again, there is not any activity on this site...MORE'S THE PITY.

Decisions regarding this site will have to be made from all of us members as to if we wish to continue.
There has been comments made,previously, by other members that they have already gone on to other writing sites.

For me, I will use this site as a staging tool only to put down any writings( including the next novel in my DOUBLE STAR series) just to have them on a written is at a point, now, I do not care if anyone else but me is even available for commentary.

Leonard a. Wronke

14th July 2016

Hello Leonard I have been without internet for quite a while now and am back on. So very sorry for my inactivity. I do see that interaction is almost at none but will do my best to read and comment weekly.

Also glad to hear about Barnes and Noble. I think I'll look into it. And love the idea for our own publishing logo.

Deborah Boydston

2nd August 2016

thank you, DEBORAH, for replying.

since it has been almost three weeks I do not remember all the details I read about BARNES AND NOBLE.

the only way there will be any type of publishing from here is if/when JON PAUL decides it is a viable activity(it is his site).

before anything can be done all or mostly all community leaders must be "on board" in approaching JON PAUL...since this has been a while I do not think it will happen.

no other community leader has come forward at any time(for any reason...i.e. commenting about any writings here which have not been flowing at all).

I may be the "lone voice" here in trying to revitalize this site.

Leonard a. Wronke

3rd August 2016

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