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I am creating this thread to try and encourage writers on this site to review and critique works. Essentially, if you have something that you would like to have critiqued and/or discussed, you can post it in this thread with the expectation that you would also critique and/or discuss another writer's work in exchange.

In other words, the process would look something like this:

Writer 1: "Hello all, I was looking for someone to critique my work *insert work title here*"
Writer 2: "Hey Writer 1, would you be interested in critiquing my work *insert work title here* in exchange for me critiquing your work?"
Writer 1: "Of course!"

The reason for why I am doing this is because I feel as though there is not a lot of incentive for users on this site to actually engage with other writers. No one wants to spend 45+ minutes reading and analyzing someone's work only to have their own work go unnoticed. Also, I have encountered a few writers on here that seem to not want their work critiqued. By using this thread, you can ensure that an author actually desires the work to be read and critiqued so that you don't waste your time/hurt a writer's feelings by critiquing a work that they had no intention revising.

In the end, there are many users on this site that simply read and write for their own enjoyment. However, I am sure that there are also a lot of users that would like to have their work looked at and analyzed with some semblance of consistency. I'm hoping that this thread can facilitate that desire.

Taylor Lanson

31st October 2016

Okay I might try and kick this off with something I have just posted.

Hello all, I was looking for someone to critique my work *Countdown to the Bogeyman*"

In return I'll gladly critique one of your posts.

Leslie Blackwell

13th November 2016


Summer Breeze

14th November 2016

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