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a long week

i have not been on here in the past week.

i had been hoping there would be some activity ...

i am very disappointed.


Leonard a. Wronke

16th December 2017

I am here.

Jim Miller

17th December 2017

thank you... i am thinking of writing again but do not know if it will be read by this group.

Leonard a. Wronke

17th December 2017

I am here. I feel so removed from everything. Every time I log on, I hope to be pleasantly surprised and find life bubbling up again. This site use to give me fodder for my own creativity but now it is as stale as I am. I am very happy Leonard that you keep prodding and hoping for that same life. What can we do to muster further support. I can share again on my Facebook page and perhaps Instagram but we need a message to be delivered that will bring writers to the site. Any ideas?

Cindy Beitinger

27th December 2017

Leonard, I am here but also so discouraged at the low activity level that I only check in about once a week to look at any new notifications. Cindy will see what ideas I can come up with to muster some more activity maybe some new writers.

Deborah Boydston

30th December 2017

if there was a way (to bring new life from newer members who saw facebook and instagram) to have a promote this site...having newer members who saw this send in their own writings ...but how to reward that effort...that is what is stopping me from promoting , at least on facebook(i do not have an instagram).

i have tried rousing JON PAUL but that avenue of effort is a dead end... too bad we as a group could not buy this site from him,...the cost is beyond our means why i have not approached JON PAUL.

we need heavy hitters like PAUL DAY or DON YARBER(accomplished , published authors) but i see no way to get their interest in a site long stagnant.

sorry, these are my ideas but i do not know how to implement them.

what do you others think?

Leonard a. Wronke

1st January 2018

Maybe promoting some sort of writing workshop on the site like the community writing prompts or cooperative writing groups or something of that nature. I think the site is a good site but it just doesn't have anyone who is actively engaging other writers. Also the ability to share some of the stories on other social media apps like reddit, twitter or facebook could be ways to recruit new writers to the site. Just a thought...

Cindy Beitinger

1st January 2018

I forgot. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let's make 2018 a year of growth.

Cindy Beitinger

1st January 2018

Cindy, your thoughts on sharing stories on social media apps is great however, how do we go about it.

i tried (on facebook) to recruit people to join this went nowheres.

i do not think we are allowed to publish our works on facebook without permission.

however....a short work could be tried there to see if there is a response.

regarding the writing prompts , if none of us are using it how would others?

Leonard a. Wronke

2nd January 2018

I was actually suggesting an invitation message not sharing published work however, if the ownership of the published work is my own, I should be able to share it if I so choose.

Cindy Beitinger

4th January 2018

i was actually suggesting that i would put one of my own works (poem) one not already "published" here on facebook.

i have many i wrote before i came here...

this way i would not be breaking any rules here regarding ownership rights since i own the rights.

Leonard a. Wronke

6th January 2018

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