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I have invited several people to join this group and to date we have four members. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as we had a group dedicated to the "free verse" side of poetry and they did not want rhyming romance or "sugary" type of poetry. Members: start posting some poems here. Non members: JOIN !!!

Don Yarber

27th October 2011

I feel the same way about "Introducing Janis and Jennifer". It's been up for more than a day and so far only Jennifer and I have posted a response. What's going on?

Paul Day

27th October 2011

You are Wonderful

You are beautiful
I love you so
I’ve seen the beaches
I’ve felt the snow

Nothing compares
To you my love
Noting that crawls
Nothing that breathes
Nothing that is
Is like my dove

You are wonderful
I love you dear
I’ve seen mountains
With cliffs so shear

Nothing compares
To your warm touch
Nothing that all
Of God’s creation
Nothing in the Earth
Impresses me much

You are incomparable
I love you deeply
There’s nothing’s as lovely
As when you sing sweetly

Nothing is like you
You are divine
And no Angel in Heaven
Nor Demon in hell
Can tear us away
From this love so sublime

Paul Day

27th October 2011

Thanks for posting that, Paul. It's exactly the type of poem I was looking for on RRP.

Don Yarber

4th November 2011

After I read your critique of my poem" UNFORGIVEN" where you said it would fit in here, I decided that maybe I am what I thought I was not, a Romantic.

Now, it seems you have 5 members here unless I missed counted.

How do I have the romantic poems posted here. Do I have to rewrite them or are they automatically being assigned here.

Leonard a. Wronke

24th November 2011

Don, I will attempt a rhyming romance poem in about a month, my job gets extremely busy and tiring from about the 1st of November to the middle of January. So I do not reply as much as I would like to, then it slows way down. Just to let you know.

Deborah Boydston

30th December 2011

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