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A Novel Unhatched

I have an idea swirling around iin the deepest corner of my cerebral cortex.I want to be original.I don`t want it to come across as echoing someone elses work or style.Some themes have been done to death.I have a memoir in embryo, but i don`t want it to resound as a cavalcade of cliched reminiscences.Anyone else out there that desires to do the same? If so, let`s huddle together in cyberspace and see how we might provoke each other to genius.

Allen Clarke

9th July 2011

Well I don't know if this helps but Aaron Greene (a writer here) started a discussion about this website - where you can generate writing ideas.

The link to generate the writing ideas is this:

Harley Bailey

10th July 2011

I don`t wanna write another War and Peace, just something that will resonate for the next thousand years or so.Perchance, I might inspire some other midnite scribbler to do likewise; then i will not have found my time wasted.I`ll have to think on that one for a little while longer.I assume that before one can presume to tackle the task of writing a novel, it`s probably a good idea to write a few short stories first.

Allen Clarke

12th July 2011

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