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How to be a top writer on ScribeSlice

This blog post will share ways you can get more recommendations on ScribeSlice and become one of the top writers.

One of the major challenges in receiving recommendations is to actually have your writing read by others in the first place, so a lot of the steps outlined in this blog post have a focus on ensuring your writing is actually read by others. Typically if your writing is of a high enough standard then the recommendations will flow from there.

Completing your profile

One of the easiest ways to get more recommendations is to complete your ScribeSlice profile details. This includes uploading a picture of yourself. Your picture is like your online 'brand' and is next to everything you do on ScribeSlice. Readers are far more likely to read (and recommend) something with an identifiable writer next to it, rather than just the default ScribeSlice picture that is provided. Adding a picture to your profile is probably the most fundamental step in receiving more recommendations.

Proof read your writing

It is important to read through your writing once it is finished and fix any grammar and spelling mistakes. Readers can be reluctant to read or recommend something that is full of mistakes, even if it's otherwise an interesting piece of writing. It is hard to expect other people to read your writing if it's obvious you haven't done so yourself.

Don't post everything at once

New writers to ScribeSlice will often post everything they have ever written all at the same time. This can overwhelm readers and unfortunately most of it will be left unread. To receive more recommendations, it is best to stagger the release of your writing, so that each piece will have it's chance to shine.

Use a powerful title and opening

You need a good title and opening paragraph for each of your writings. Readers are unlikely to read something titled 'Untitled'. Similarly, they are unlikely to read past the first paragraph if it doesn't grab their attention. The title and first paragraph need effort put into them to ensure you can pull readers in and keep them reading.

Be the first to discuss each of your writings

The discussion section of your writing is very important. Readers are far more likely to read something that has already had discussion added to it. This is a chance for you to set the tone of the discussion, by writing your motivations behind the writing or a small blurb in the case of a book. This helps to personalize the writing and can help to pull readers in.

Give feedback to other writers

Although it can be time consuming, one of the simplest ways to receive more recommendations is to give feedback in the discussion section of the other writings on ScribeSlice. If it's a well thought out response, you may receive a recommendation back from that writer (and other readers as well!)

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Harley Bailey

8th August 2011

Excellent points, Harley.

Nina Orlovskaya

7th August 2011

Thanks Nina. I think some of these things are really quick and easy to do, but can help a writer here get so many more recommendations.

Harley Bailey

8th August 2011

Harley u r rite on top on this. I highly recommend a working title for a story just at start up. Later, one can get a befitting title if it is necessary. Plus, your story or book may not be published under a given title. A writer may recieve a better idea for a title on publishing.

A working title? A must.
Proof reading? check!
Good opening? Check!
Discussions? Check! The list is endless. All this points in one direction - excelling. And one cannot do it alone! We all need each other!

Bill O. farmer

10th August 2011

Getting the top post is nothing but a cotton candy. It does not add to being a good person, er writer through and through. It is not the product, but the process where one is experiencing a sort of harnessing his talent into a gem of literature or what...where one learns and observes power-4 principle: power to know, change, create and share... sans competing with others...but with himself.

Larry Nabiong

15th August 2011

Larry that's a good point... although I think even if you weren't interested in becoming a top writer on ScribeSlice, there are some good points in here to take away to ensure your writing can be read in the first place (so you receive more feedback), which means you can have help on creating a "gem of literature".

Harley Bailey

16th August 2011

Partly yes, but in order to be safe than sorry...i would rather be contented with what i can have sans aspiring for the topmost ladder or ranking.Anyways, if be given a chance... i would rather be the second best or what ( for i would always be on my toes perfecting my craft )...for when am going to be at the top of the heap...there is nothing to prove anymore but to maintain the status...lest i become complacent and wake up one day outranked by others.

Larry Nabiong

15th August 2011

Well, I'm new to scribeslice and I'm "feeling" my away around. Even then, i find that both you Harley and Larry are on point with your thoughts. The thing is I feel the catch lies on what your motivation for writing here is; to be on top or you're one who simply enjoys a good time spent being creative rather than accolades. But i have doubts that anyone would just want to write well under par just for the love of a good write...but you never know, right?

Desmond Lesetedi

19th August 2011

@Desmond: from what I've seen on ScribeSlice there are both kinds of writers... those who want to be competitive and also those who just want to enjoy writing.

Of course, there is no reason why a writer here can't be both!

Harley Bailey

20th August 2011

I too see no reason why one can't be both :D
Competition is a good drive for producing above average results. Just take a good look around your world; all that enables the world to feel so small while it certainly is large, is of cause the result of competition, friendly or otherwise.
There are both good and bad results as usual, but the abundance of choice springing forth just about makes up for the bad part,because I, for one, really enjoy diversity and a little bit more color and spice in my life! Why do you suppose I have five finely tuned senses?

Anyway, what exactly are recommendations and why do i need to strive for them?

Desmond Lesetedi

20th August 2011

You may have noticed all the "recommendations" links around ScribeSlice? The numbers next to them are the number of recommendations that writing has received (from other writers). It's basically a way for a writer to publically say that they think this writing is good.

More importantly, when someone recommends something it will notify all the writers who have recommended them of their recommendation. Which means that you will get more readers coming to view your writing. Your writing could potentially 'go viral' within ScribeSlice if enough writers recommend it. The system was setup that way so that any good writing doesn't go unappreciated.

So more recommendations will generally mean more readers.

Harley Bailey

21st August 2011

Cool, then i guess i need to get crack'a'lackin soonest, phew!!

Desmond Lesetedi

20th August 2011

I think that the intent of this writing is to encourage writers to endeavor to write. To get the urge, to feel the need, to lay it on the line. I have read (and re-read) a lot of the material submitted. I've enjoyed reading it. Some are better than others, and most are better than mine. That doesnt make my writing bad, it makes my desire to write better come creeping up inside me. I, for one, appreciate comments more than recommendations, but then I guess one follows the other. Good job on this particular writing, Mr. Bailey. It tells me what the site is all aobut.

Don Yarber

31st August 2011

That's great Don! I'm really glad that the culture on ScribeSlice reinforces the desire to become a better writer. That's one of the reasons it was created in the first place.

Harley Bailey

1st September 2011

^_^ im happy with my rating. I need to work harder to keep it!

Liz Reynolds

31st August 2011

Thanks for taking the time to write an informative article. I have appreciated very much your comments on my work and already I see you are not only a prolific writer, but very generous with your own time and making sure you comment on other people's work. Very much appreciated.

Paul Day

16th September 2011

No problems at all Paul :)

It's great to have you here on ScribeSlice!

Harley Bailey

16th September 2011

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