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ScribeSlice Newsletter Issue 1

This will be the first in a weekly newsletter issued on the ScribeSlice Blog.

The ScribeSlice Newsletter will be all about the latest happenings in the ScribeSlice community.


There has been some really good quality writing recently on ScribeSlice. Too many to mention, but here are some of the real standouts...

There's been this poem: The Great Wall by Aaron Greene.

Also this short story: The Gloaming by Jason Dookeran. (Jason has some other really good writing as well- you should check it out!)

And this poem: Nonsense, or is it? by Liz Reynolds. This will blow your imagination away!


There have been many writers join ScribeSlice in the past week. One of the stand outs is Daniel Sintos who has provided lots of important feedback to other writers on ScribeSlice and very quickly become an active and valued member of ScribeSlice.

Another noteworthy writer to join recently is Liz Reynolds. In her short time here she has racked up 6 recommendations for herself and many of her writings are highly recommended as well! Liz is a talented writer and we are happy to have her on ScribeSlice.


There's been some interesting discussions going on recently...

Do you have a daily writing quota? If so, what are the details? You can give your opinion in this discussion: Writers out there, you got a quota? started by Jason Dookeran

The other big discussion that has stirred up lots of lively debate is What do you think about ScribeSlice Rankings?. What do you think about being ranked against the other writers on ScribeSlice? Good or Bad? You can offer your opinion in this discussion and have a say over the future direction of ScribeSlice.


Are you a ruthless realist? There is a writing group for you! The Pessimists, fatalists, cynics and ruthless realists group has emerged this week. The group is headed up by Nina Orlovskaya who is one of the ScribeSlice Community Leaders and well known for the honest feedback she gives to others on ScribeSlice.

The other group to show up this week has been formed by John Tucker, and is for Serious Novelists and Short Story Writers. This group already has 5 members and John is doing a great job to get his group started, with many interesting discussions taking place within this group.


A recent blog post that you can't miss is Ten Tips for submitting a manuscript to a Publishing House. This was written by Alice Barker who has been in the editing business for over 10 years and really knows her stuff. If you have any interest in submitting your writing to be published, you should read this first!

Would you like to receive more recommendations and become one of the top writers on ScribeSlice? This blog post can point you in the right direction: How to be a top writer on ScribeSlice. It mostly talks about strategies to have your writing read by others more on ScribeSlice, which can sometimes be half the battle to receiving more recommendations.

Also, did you know that you can write for the ScribeSlice Blog? Every writer has knowledge they've picked up over the years about writing that they can share with others. It's hoped that the ScribeSlice Blog can eventually become a pool of the collective knowledge of all the writers on ScribeSlice, so that everyone can draw from the resource. Writing for the ScribeSlice Blog is also a great way to pick up more recommendations!

To write for the ScribeSlice Blog, just go the main Blog page and press the 'New Blog Post' button.


The Writing Competition for August is starting to move along now, with more entries being submitted. There's 8 entries in total now and even though each writer has been given the same basic plot to write about, the actual stories are very different! The judging process will be a hard one.

The competition closes on the 31st of August, so please ensure you have your entry in by then. It would be best to have your entry in sooner though, because then you have more time to get recommendations for it!


Would you like to contribute to, or help to run the ScribeSlice Newsletter? I'm looking for a volunteer, or group of volunteers who would like to make the newsletter their 'baby' and run with it to make it a successful part of ScribeSlice.

To head the project up I'm looking for someone with at least a couple of recommendations, just to prove to the rest of the community that you're up to the challenge. Others are welcome to assist as well and you'll come under the guidance of the primary volunteer.

If you're interested, please add a comment to this blog post expressing your interest and I can provide more details.

Harley Bailey

15th August 2011

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