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Interview with Daniel Bird

Daniel Bird was one of the very first writers on ScribeSlice. He's established himself as a well respected writer on ScribeSlice, both in his writing ability and also the extensive feedback he gives to the other writers here.

First, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Daniel, my close friends call me ‘D.D.’ or ‘didi’ (both work.) I am an aspiring writer out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I currently work in the Hospitality Industry and am hoping to quit my job at the Hotel in 2012 to work full time as a Self Publisher and Author. I am a very ambitious person with extremely large dreams. In short... I want the whole world to read my books. I do want the fame, the money and mad success. But that is not what drives me. No. Very simply I am driven by the need – the awful thirst that will never truly be satisfied until I have several million fans, reading millions of my books by the end of my career! As far-fetched as that sounds, I would like to note how very real that seems to me. In my brain... none of that is impossible. In fact that is a very small piece of the things brewing deep inside me that will never let me stop. I would like to someday enter the Small Press movement and begin taking on other writers.

What do you enjoy about writing?

I think what I enjoy most about writing is the ability to I bring to life (in the minds of my readers) all the fantastic adventures that I have going on in my brain. I think the true satisfaction comes when you can honestly jolt all five senses of a reader awake. If you can keep someone captivated from beginning to end, living and breathing those images you live and breathe yourself – deep in that brain of yours, and perhaps send them off somehow affected, touched and.. truly taken away... well, I suppose that’s why we writers do this, for that little high... that ‘infecting the minds of others’ part of it all - that innate drive to tell stories that every writer is born with.

If you could offer just one piece of writing advice, what would it be?

I would say write, write, write. Never stop. You’ll only get better at it.

Who is your favorite writer and why?

My favorite writer is Anne Rice. Why? I guess I just appreciate the way she tells a story, the way she dips deep into the minds of her characters, allowing us the motive behind the very actions of her characters. She writes sinister in a romantic, alluring and particularly seductive way. She opens up scenes in fantastic detail; the little things, those living statues with the beautiful faces or the dirt and disease of 17th century Paris to the simple tenements of ancient Rome. She writes history in dramatic fashion – and you know she has spent hours upon hours in the library, if only to give us a glimpse of those faraway adventurous places in time. She weaves beautiful images of cunning, intelligence and power with elegance and grace.

What are your writing goals?

Well, let me say first off that I am planning to have 3 books out next year, starting with the simultaneous release of “The Vampire Demi Nosferatu” and “Take Me Home With You” A Short Story Collection which I have been working on now for quite some time. Those stories I have posted on SC will be included in this Collection, with a few still in progress. I have a second Vampire Novel (part 2 in the ‘Demi’ Series) Demi Demon, with Demi Devil and Demi God to complete the series by 2014. I am also working on a video game script, three movie scripts, “The High Fiver’s,” “The Spartan,” and “The Vampire Demi Nosferatu.” I hope my success and hard work will help me get my (Pen Name) “Danny The Great” into any and all merchandise I can take on; Video Games, Books, Movies, Graphic Novels, Collector figurines, perhaps made for T.V. stuff, I would like someday in the future, (10 – 15 years) to open a clothing line as well as a crapload of ‘accessories’ for both men and women. I’ll never stop. I don’t know how to.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. My Pen Name, just so you know... will not be Daniel Bird. I am going with “Danny The Great.” It started out as a drunken joke with me and a few close friends and then the more I thought about it, the more it began looking like part of a Marketing ploy. I wanted to come off with something outrageous that people walking by could not help but notice it: the first step in any finished work is that people do judge a book by its cover. I am working on some cover ideas and they are amazing. But... I sort of have this mad idea of how to come off brilliant and bad and beautifully seductive in my work. I will get it. All of it. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I am utterly confident in my skills is all.

Harley Bailey

22nd September 2011

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