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No Rhyme or Seeming Reason

I have always been of the opinion that the confident poet does not always have to follow certain rythym or rhyme.As, well, our writing doesn`t always seem to follow any hard and fast rules. I don`t remember the exact poem, but when I first came across the writings of E.E.Cummins, I was taken aback, simply because I was used to standard form in poetry, like hickory, dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock. I wasn`t used to free form poetry.
This freedom of expression is even more needful when we attempt to express;the nature of our dreams- poetically.It is unbelievably liberating when a poet can allow him/herself free reign. What is acceptable, as opposed to what is considered drivel? Who has the right to muzzle the creative spirit? Only the censer,dares; to try to discourage budding genius!The censer is that insistent voice in your head that often tries to convince you that you dare not to say this, or say that!Poets and Dreamers of the Free World, write on!!!

Allen Clarke

16th July 2011

I think that is common and something that puts of readers. Our first experience with poetry is through nursery rhymes, then you go to school and they teach you all the formality of Shakespeare. By then you associate rhyming with childishness or extreme rigour.

It's like discussing the chicken or the egg. What comes first form or feeling? I think it always depends on one's state of mind or their writing method. Some need structure more than others.

You can't dismiss formal poets but at the same time you've got people like e. e. cummings that defy all writing standards and still retain quality and meaning. I can read and appreciate both but I do have a special place in my heart for the formal poets simply because I don't think they are censored by their spirit but manage to keep it so tightly wound with their feelings.

What do others think?

Ines Bridges

22nd July 2011

Obviously, Ines, we, appear to be the only two writers, who are anywhere close to lucid; when it comes to the discussion of poetry.At, least, on my side of MY galaxy.....

Allen Clarke

11th August 2011

Unknown to me, I started a discussion "Good Poetry, what makes it?" yet you two, Ines and Allen where disscussing it under the group. I agree with what you folks have said here as far as poetry goes. From child hood those nursery rhymes remain stuck with us and we think poetry should sound like that. Nina's style in writing 'Coral Vipers' left alot to be desired from my poems.

I think getting out there and casting ones cares to the winds is great when it comes to poetry. Get out of the rules.

Bill O. farmer

7th September 2011

Sorry Bill. I apologise for my apparent ignorance of your group. I am , by no means, a self-proclaimed expert on poetry. Generally, whenever I emote on paper, I try to be honest, as opposed to being flowery. To each his own, I guess. What one might consider lyrical, another may consider it to be trash.We are no less masculine because we love the beauty of the poetic form.Why did I just comment thusly? I don`t know. Perhaps, I`ll never know.

Allen Clarke

15th April 2012

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