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Attracting outside interest to ScribeSlice

One obvious reason for posting our writings on ScribeSlice is to have them seen by as many people as possible. That may not be everyone's objective, but I would think that it is high on the list.

I wonder how many members have linked ScribeSlice to Facebook? If you are a member of Facebook and ScibeSlice, and haven't linked the two, it would be a good idea to do so, and an excellent way to promote our writing sight. Exposure means more members, more members means more activity, more activity means a better experience for the members.

If you agree to this theory, please indicate so by linking to your social network. A note here that you have done that would be nice, too. Let's see if we can get ScibeSlice to the top of the writer's forum list.

Don Yarber

18th May 2012

I've linked ScribeSlice quite a while back -- and not just on Facebook. I've (shamelessly) "advertised" ScribeSlice on other places such as personal statements (mostly for grad school), dating websites, and basically anywhere else it might seem relevant and unforced.

I do think it's a great idea for us to "remind" our Facebook friends about this site by "sharing" some pieces we enjoyed. I think there's an option to share already, actually. I just haven't tested it out. Has anyone else tried it? How did it go? In any case, thanks Don for bringing this up!

As a side note, I was thinking about how a few of the newer writers have voiced their concern about having a difficult time getting their virtual feet wet in our community. What if we had a "Featured Writer of the Week" thing that randomly selects writers and showcase some of their recent works. There could even be a "Featured Writer of Last Week" right below it to give people more screen time, as it were. Thoughts?

Daniel Sintos

18th May 2012

i to have posted scribeslice on various 3rd party social media sites... as well as coined it as my home site.. as well as giving it to people as my main domain that hosts my writing..

Jordan Newman

18th May 2012

I don't know if this is good or bad for me, but I just added Scribeslice to my profile on flickr. I have no idea if anyone even looks at my profile.

Warren Gates

20th May 2012

I have linked a few of my favorite pieces to FACEBOOK, and I know people have visited ScribeSlice to see them because of comments and "likes" on the facebook page. It seems (at least to me) that there has been a marked decline in the activity of ScribeSlice lately (maybe summertime lulls) and I'm trying to pick the activity back up again. All who can help, please do.

Don Yarber

27th May 2012

Yeah I think that it's a good put your poems on Facebook, I have one poem on facebook already. Also I have noticed that it has been quiet on Scribeslice resently.

Raymond lloyd Williams

29th May 2012

i have shared some pieces from this site on my wall as well. i don't share it all because i like to keep some things separate, but if someone's work really touches me i want to tell my friends about it so they can feel it too. :)

Summer Breeze

8th June 2012

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