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Beautiful soul, beautiful songs

I have recently had the pleasure of listening to two CD's recorded by Warren Gates. Her lilting, clear voice is a whispered silence in the world of music. Her lyrics are precise and meaningful, I especially liked "Irish Soda Bread" although all were good.

It's a pleasure to get to know more about the people who write here on ScribeSlice.

Warren has proven to be one of the better lyricists here and I hope all will appreciate the songs. Maybe if you ask her nicely, she will clue you in as to where you can hear some of them.

Don Yarber

4th December 2012

I would love to here some of her songs. I also second Don's statement about her being one of the better lyricists here. =)

Aaron Greene

4th December 2012

oooh.. I love music... perhaps she may clue me in on where to listen?

Jordan Hewitt

4th December 2012

Don, thank you for the nice words, making me blush this morning. As we speak, the muse is AWOL. I am trying to do what I always do when this happens and not freak out about it!! :)
And everyone who reads this, be aware that Don writes very good, entertaining PI stories. If you like that genre, support Don and buy a book. At least bandy his name about at the book stores and libraries.

Me? The Moon Dots on myspace. where there is a small collection of my DYI material.

Thank you Aaron and Jordan, I appreciate the encouragement!

Warren Gates

6th December 2012

I will have to have a listen as well.

Cindy Beitinger

6th December 2012

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