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Poem published in The Australian Times

I would just like to say that one of my poems, "On Summer's Dust" (published first right here on ScribeSlice) was published by The Australian Times magazine and you can see it here:

Many thanks to those of you who read and enjoy my poems, and thanks to Maureen at T.A.T. for her kindness and consideration.

Don Yarber

2nd October 2013

I just finished reading the insert in that magazine.

The layout for your poem is very generic and near the back.

Actually I think it is the last entry.

However, a publication in any type of form is a win.

Congratulations, Don.

Leonard a. Wronke

2nd October 2013

Awesome Don, congratulations.

Deborah Boydston

2nd October 2013

Very nice Don. Congrats!

Cindy Beitinger

2nd October 2013

Well done Don. I re read your poem and think that its is very well written and deserving of publication.

Leslie Blackwell

3rd October 2013

Well don Don! Woot! I love seeing you guys in print!

Jon paul Janze

3rd October 2013

Congratulations Don. I read it too. Well done!

Davide Castel

4th October 2013

@Leonard: Unfortunately I do not have any control over the layout of anything in publications that wish to publish my material. If I did, I'd have them splayed across the covers !!

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have "On Summer's Dust" published in TAT. The publicity that I have gleaned from the inclusion of my blog page has been worth the effort. I do not get many chances for free advertising, so I take advantage of all I can get. Thanks for your comments.

Don Yarber

15th October 2013

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