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Note from Leonard Wronke

I received the following note from Leonard, asking me to let the membership know what is going on with him.

DON, my home computer went kaput 6 days ago.

there was the last chapter of my novel to present here.

I am trying to see about obtaining a new computer but it may be many days, weeks, etc.

before I am able to complete the novel.

I am writing to you since you are the first name that came to mind to inform this site about my computer problem.

I know that Jim Miller was interested in the conclusion of my narrative since he has been following it since the beginning.

please inform the community leaders that I am not gone just delayed until my new computer is bought. with the economy the way it is it will be quite the while before I post anything again.

I will attempt to be here every once in a while when I am able to access a computer to check in.

thank you, Don for allowing me to use you as my voice here until I return to the group on my own computer.

Let's all hope that Leonard gets a new computer soon so we can read the climaxing chapter of his novel, Under the Double Star

Don Yarber

18th October 2013

To everyone of the community...first, I thank Don for being my voice here because of my computer problems.

the reason I cannot post the final chapter is ..I am on a public computer where I am only allowed access for one hour each chapters usually take any where from two to three hours to complete writing to my satisfaction.

as I look at the time since Don posted my message there is very little activity on here.

that may mean that I will have more time to fix my computer situation.

as I stated before it may take a while for the last chapter to be posted(this is for anyone who was following my narrative).

if my computer problem is not resolved in short work...I may write a synopsis of the conclusion to satisfy all who were interested.

let me know if this a viable resolution.

I will try to return here as soon as possible to read any comments.

Leonard a. Wronke

23rd October 2013

Leonard...Good Luck with your final chapter.

One must fulfil one's needs and then be happy they have completed what was within them.

Whether readers read them or will then have acheived what was within your spiriual needs to have achieved.

For this I applaud you. GO WITH WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

Then... rest in peace that you have achieved what you set out to do...Readers or not!

Davide Castel

29th October 2013


I am sorry for your computer problems. Such things are always frustrating.

As for me, I would rather see your completed chapter rather than a synopsis. No matter how long it takes. But this is just me---and a selfish desire it may be, too. I like your writing style. Take it or leave it, that is my desire.

Jim Miller

28th October 2013

I am working very hard to obtain a new computer to finish the narrative.

I hope that it may be sooner then later but with times the way they are I can only go with the flow.

Thank you, Jim for your understanding and allowing me to finish.

the way it is now a part of the final chapter may allow a sequel... would any one here be interested if I attempted it.

Leonard a. Wronke

30th October 2013

I would be interested in a sequel.

Jim Miller

30th October 2013

there is only one voice interested in a sequel.

not much enthusiasm.

may put the sequel on hold but write another new that may have more fans.

Leonard a. Wronke

13th November 2013

Jim , the final chapter is posted.

hope you find my conclusion to be satisfactory.

I do not know if there were any others following my journey.

I know I had six when I started do not know who is left.

as I stated with only one voice asking for a sequel, I am going to start presenting another totally different narrative---one that I am sure will not be as well thought out as my original offering was.

I think after the upcoming holiday season will be a great time to start my presentation.

see you, then.

Leonard a. Wronke

27th November 2013

Hey! I am still here. Good luck Leonard.
You must feel satisfied that this story is completed?
I hope so, for it was one feat and a half for you.
I do understand, even if I haven't read it all.
You have indeed achieved something you set out to do, probably against all odds, but you did it. Congrats! I do mean it.
I wish I could do something like you did!

Davide Castel

19th December 2013

Leonard just to let you I have been reading. I am a little behind but enjoying the story. I will go back and post some comments later in the week after. Not a lot of time right now but I want to refresh my memory on each chapter before I post.

Deborah Boydston

18th December 2013

Deborah, I hope you find my narrative as enjoyable to read as it was for me to write.

I was hoping that Asma would have stayed around long enough to see its conclusion since she had so much time invested in it(I am referring to her chapter by chapter breakdowns).

I will await your comments to see what you read that you like or did not like; if there are any inconsistencies that I have to resolve.

Leonard a. Wronke

19th December 2013

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