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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Crazy Poet

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soul mates

This is about me, not all poets.

Are all poets a little bit insane?
They write of sunshine when it's pouring rain.
They write of peace midst bloodiest of wars.
And chastise yet make angels of the whores.
And angels fall beneath the mighty pen
To lose their wings in vilest ways of sin.
A poet calls a rose a rose by name
Aren't poets just a little bit insane?
The words they use are flowery and sweet
But trodden down like stones beneath their feet
In measurements, and rhythms, rhymes and beat.
In sentences lined up in a row so neat.
The innermost feelings of their souls
Reach out as if they're reaching for new goals
New heights, new lows, new pleasures and new pain.
Aren't poets just a little bit insane?
Can we, as mortals, reach beyond the earth
To find a blissful peace that knows no girth
Where we can cast our words and watch them grow
Like flowers after sunshine melts the snow?
Or will we always seek a different place
New challenges, new games,chances, or new race?
Is there a limit to how much we seek to gain
Or are all poets just a little bit insane?

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