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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Stupid is as Stupid does

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Kentuckian vs. Hoosier rivalry.

      A Kentucky country boy saw an ad in the paper for a River Cruise.  The Cruise didn't offer much except beautiful river scenery, but the price was right.  It was only $10. So on the appointed day, the young man showed up at the address that was on the adverisement, knocked on the door and when a big, burly gentleman opened the door, the lad said:
         "I'm here for the River Cruise."
         "Do you have the $10?" the burly man asked.
         "Yes," said the youth and handed over the $10.
         The burly man grabbed the youth, beat him unmercifully, then threw him out the back window,into the river.
         The powerful river current carried the boy downstream until he reached Cairo, Illinois where he met another young man from Indiana, floating on his back, serenely watching the tugboats go by.
         "Did you buy the river cruise?" he asked.
         "Yep," the Hoosier said.
         "I wonder if they serve any food on this cruise, I'm getting hungry."
         "They didn't last year," the Hoosier replied.

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