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Evie Hoeffner Evie Hoeffner
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Missing Susan

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soul mates

Susan was my closest friend, a big part of my life.  She still is.

I still have the photograph

The two of us
Posing to the camera
So young
So sure of ourselves
So unaware even then
Was right behind you

I wrote you a poem once
You framed it
Placed it with all your treasures
Silly mementoes and such:
The story of your life collected
On a bedside table

Every so often
I catch glimpses of you in
The curve of a smile
The tilt of a head
In the way moonlight
Chases shadows between
Dusk and dawn

You are with me always

Again I write a poem for you
I will frame it
Place it with all my treasures
Silly mementoes and such:
A part of your life remembered
On a bedside table

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