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Annette Keachie Annette Keachie
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Darkness Within

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soul mates

Embracing the darkness, as I feel numb,

blinded by sorrow, not knowing where it's from.

Shed tears of sorrow, my dying heart aches.

not knowing what step to take.

Lost in a forest of shadows,

where the evil begins to grow.

Lost in a world so cold............

Black tears fall from my eyes,

as I scream to the sky..

Darkness is my light.

Never day, always night.

Darkness hold the key to my life,

for darkness is my light.

Walking upon earth's tainted soil,

lingering stench, it begins to spoil.

Shadows of death reap amongst me,

as the darkness takes over me.

Fearing nothing, fearing none.

take a look of what I've become..

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