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Annette Keachie Annette Keachie
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I'm Sorry, I Cheated

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I'm sorry that I had cheated on you,
I'm so alone for 8 months, its true.
We are only human, that's for sure,
The 4 months I'm with you, goes in a blur.
I endure the lonely nights,
Wishing I could hold you tight.
Tired of being alone,
Tired of sleeping alone.

Please forgive me for I had cheated on you,
It was the temptations that I gave into.
How can I hold back, when you're gone?
8 months for me is far too long.
Don't get me wrong I do love you.
I just need companionship its true.
Please forgive me for cheating on you.

Please God forgive my sins, I feel bad.
I am guilty within, Now I'm sad.
I cannot give up my one and only love
He's my angel from above.
Its just consensual sex with a friend.
To kill my loneliness in the end.

I am only human, I have my needs too.
I give you freedom to do what you need to do  
Be free my love, be free like me,
Lets be open and let us see..
I'm still sorry for cheating on you...

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