Zion Der hai Zion Der hai
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to this part-i wana add from my own opion..that men's growth can vary from their own consumption of different foods...hensce the various range of hight being altered...

Zion Der hai Zion Der hai
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fyi-god didnnt write the bible...others did..so people are believeing only the words that are adviced in "the Book"(bible)

Zion Der hai Zion Der hai
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i believe that there is no such thing as evolution rather the key word in history shall be mutation for it is better defined-on the outcome..so evolution cannot really be explain without a doubt of know evidence..i believe that indeed there was mutation were human can cahnge its features an alter an genetics..aswell as animals in earth... :)

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Creation and Evolution

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Since this writing is an assignment in the Christian Writers Group I don't think it falls under the 24 hour rule.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Period.  That is creation.

But is that to say that evolution is a false study? It is a process, not a proclamation.  Evolution is still going on

“The average height of men in USA in the colonial era was a bit less (5 ft 7inches), according to anthropological and historical studies.”  This quote from an Internet site regarding man’s structure is proof that evolution is still ongoing.  Today the average height of men in the USA is 5’10”.  Heredity, diet, environment all have played a part, but  men in America (on the average) are taller.  That is evolution. 1 comment

Fish have been found in subterranean caverns that have no eyes.  Fossils found in the same caverns show the same fish with eyes.  They evolved to the point where they no longer had eyes because they did not need them. That is evolution.

So the process of evolution is an ongoing event.  God made the heavens and the earth and on earth God made man.  The Bible tells us that man was made from the dust of the earth but it does not go into detail exactly how God made man, only that He made man in His own image.  If we take the Bible as an absolute then we must believe that God is male and that Man is “God Like” since we are made in God’s image.  If we are God Like then we are like God.  God created us as a father creates his offspring, so therefore we are the children of God. Man is God like in as much as we have the power to choose.

There is nothing in the Bible that denies a speculation that the earth may have been visited by a different type of man, a different race, a different species.  If that speculation can be accepted (and there is some evidence to support it) then the evolution of that species may have existed at the same time as the continuing evolution of the Man that God created.  As a matter of conjecture, those two species, one from our earth, and one from another of God’s planets, may have intermingled to produce yet another species of Man.  If one believes that everything in the Bible is true, isn’t it logical to think that if it isn’t in the Bible it may still be true? God may have purposefully left some things out of the Bible because he did not want us to know them.  If man knew everything we would not have a quest for knowledge and all learning would cease to exist.  Maybe that is God’s ultimate plan, called Heaven. 1 comment

The two terms, creation and evolution, do not have to be exclusive or contradictory.  

Scientist have concluded that the process of evolution takes more time in some living organisms than it takes in others.  An example of this phenomenon is the common cold.  Certain “cold” germs have mutated to be more resistant to medicines.  Viruses continue to mutate to resist antibiotics.  Is it not possible that man mutated from one form to a different form?  What is the difference between mutation and evolution?  Mutation is when a characteristic of a species changes.  Evolution is when that change becomes permanent by being passed down the generic tree from one generation to another.   1 comment

It seems logical to me that if Man was made in God’s image then we are still images of God.  But the question arises, what was God’s image when he created man?  The idea that man might have lost a lot of body hair to better adapt to a warming planet (mutation) and then remained less hairy over thousands of years (evolution) is neither farfetched nor certain.  Evolution, then, is neither farfetched nor certain.  It is a possibility.

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