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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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She had a friend.

I wrote this back in 1988 as my last assignment for the Institute of Writing for Children.
My instructor was very impressed with the concept.
Do not know how it will do here.

      The forest was,suddenly, full of a glimmering light.
         The stilness, abruptly, shattered as a cry of surprise sounded.
         Out of the light popped a tiny, long-haired, bearded man clothed in a lace coat,  
     green pants, silver-buckled shoes.
         The cry became an echo as the man fell through the hole that appeared below him.
         Reaching bottom, the man picked himself up from the moist, glass-covered ground,  
     cradled his bruised head, looked around.
          While searching his surroundings, the man muttered to himself, " Where am I ? This  
     is not anywhere near Dublin. Do not tell me I overshot again. " continuing his
     statement, " No use worrying. I will just sit myself down, wait until I have a chance to
     rest,figure out where I am. "


          " Who are you ? Why did you break all my paint bottles! " cried the voice behing the
      blinding torch.
          " How is that now ? " replied the man, sitting up from his cramped sitting position.
          The man continues, " Get that thing out of my face. I know nothing of paint bottles.
      Just know about falling, crashing, landing hard. Where am I ? "
          When the torch was lowered from his face, the man saw his tormentor - a six foot
      tall, waistcoated, brown rabbit standing upright on his rear feet.
          " As if you did not know. " exclaimed the rabbit
          " I swear, I am ignorant. Who may you be anyway ? I am Gaelan of Dublin. "
          " Dublin, is it ? I might of known. A leprechaun. I am Ben, this year's Easter
      Bunny. "
          Ben moves his arm encompassing the surrounding hole.
          " This is the Easter egg painting hole. It was until you came. Look at the mess you
      made ! "
          Looking around, Ben could see paint running everywhere. Mixing together in strange
      shades. Glass fragments sparkling through the hues.
          Ben continued, " There might not be any Easter this year because of your meddling.
      How can I color the eggs, now, with everything in disarray."
          " All those children are expecting their Easter eggs. I will not have them
      disappointed. I have two weeks until Easter. I plan on having the eggs done by then."
          Ben looks Gaelan straight in the eye as he concludes, " You are going to help me! "
          " I am ? " Gaelan,sarcastically, replies.
          " You are !" Ben, angrily, answers. " I will make you a deal. You can stay here as
      long as you help me. Agreed? "
          " Seeing as am not totally myself, " Gaelan replies, tenderly massaging his still
      throbbing head, " I agree. Only until I am able to leave. Not because I am obligated.
      It was not my fault your hole was here in which for me to fall."

          By the time, they, both, had cleaned up the paint, the hole, a week and a half had
          Ben was only half finished coloring the eggs. Even with the spare paint supplies, he
     was not anywhere closed to finishing.
          " It is hopeless. I will never finish in time. All the children will not be
     recieving any eggs this year. This was my first year with Easter duty. With this failure,
     I will never be given it again."
          Seeing how troubled Ben was, Gaelan exclaimed, " Now there, there, Bunny. It is not
     as terrible as all that. You will have all the eggs colored. Expertly, too. I think I can
     solve your problem. It will take some doing. I have to be up top, outside the hole. "
          " You will run away once you are up top."
          " Nonsense. I said I was going to help. A leprechaun never breaks his word. About
     leaving, I could but will not. True, my head is healed. If I was leaving I would
     magically move myself without climbing up top. No, I am staying. There is something about
     you I like."
          " Thanks. How are you going to color all the eggs? The last of the egg shipments  
     just arrived. Where will you get the paint? "
          " I told you, up top. Shall we go. Let us haul up all the uncolored eggs."

          It took a couple of hours of climbing, hauling until all the eggs were laid out on
     the ground.
          Then, Gaelan exclaimed, " Here, now, I can commence. This type of sky will do nicely.
     Grayish, rain clouds are always the best. Step back, it is going to get a little wet. "
          Gaelan proceeded to move to the nearby clearing, stretched out his arms, did a
     little jig, spun himself around, muttered some words began to rain.
          " Now, comes the tricky part." Gaelan shouted above the downpour, " I must speed it
     up that the rainbow appears. Should not take too long. "
          Fifteen minutes later, the most beautiful rainbow anybody ever saw appeared. Upon
     seeing this, Gaelan hugged his body, while stomping his right foot.
          The rainbow started to move until it floated above the area where the eggs were
          " Yes! " Gaelan screamed.
          The rainbow commenced to waver, falling until all its myriad colors were covering
     the eggs. Some were only one color. Others speckled with many colors. The rest were
     striped, spiraled or checked.
          As long as Gaelan  moved , gestured, stomped the rainbow's colors continued to wash
     down upon the eggs.
          Finally, the rainbow was gone. All the eggs covered.
          After witnessing this display of rainbow magic, Ben exclaimed, " I do not believe
     it. I would not if I had not seen it. Gaelan , my friend, you have done in a few minutes
     what it has taken many generations of Easter Bunnies many days of work to accomplish. How
     can I thank you? "
          " There is no need. I told you I liked you. When I like somebody I help when I can.
     Let us not have any sentiment. Okay. Besides I am only half done. Still need to see to
     these eggs delivery. "
          Gaelan closed his eyes, tugged his left ear lobe, pointed at the eggs. Finishing
     these magic gestures caused every single one - including the eggs left in the hole - to
          " Do not fret about them being found before Easter. They will stay hidden until
     then. Another leprechaun trick. How do you think we, leprechauns, keep our pots of gold.
     Magically, hiding them, in plain sight, until a rainbow appears, breaking the spell. Same
     here. Without the rainbow."
          Gaelan stopped, shhok his head, smiled, continued, " Since my poor, old head no
     longer throbs, it is time I continued on home. I will be seeing you, Ben. Should you ever
     be in Dublin, come and visit. "
          " That I shall, Gaelan. Good bye. Thank you."
          Gaelan wrinkled his brow, puffed out his cheeks, faded from view.
          After watching Gaelan go, Ben thought about what he would say to the other Bunnies
      about his first Easter Bunny assignment.
          How would he explain it.
          He did not think any one of them would believe there had been an Easter Leprechaun.

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