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Jason Dookeran Jason Dookeran
Recommendations: 12

For Ari Wherever She May Be

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soul mates

So I’ve spent my time on a dirty track
trying to find some love
I’ve been kicked about, and been shouted at
Asking for help from above
But when I found you in that lonely place
I felt my heart sing
And the song that came from my lips
Was made to do just one thing
Clad in leather, and rolled in blood
A spiked chain hangs on her waist
A whip around her naked wrist
Wanting to give you a taste
But the love that you see in her eyes
Is enough to drive you mad
Flowers coat her crimson coat
As the prison door slams
Dark and cold in winter’s grip
A city falls asleep
A lonely drunkard sails on by
With nothing to put on his feet
He took his anger and took his heart
And took the train to another world
She heard him cry and he saw him beg
And he bought everything that she sold

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