Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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i love this last stanza! so nicely put!

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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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I Leave Softly

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For Charlie

Dedicated to a very good friend who went through something very similar.

Something inside,
Told me to hide,
The feelings I harboured for you.

I'd never cross,
Trust's borderline,
And let my feelings charge through.

I hold too precious,
Your heart to trespass,
On the love shining in your eyes. 1 comment

I see the way,
You seem to glow,
Whenever she enters your view.

I only hope,
Deep in my heart,
That you have a chance for true love.

Have no regrets,
About you and I,
And go where your heart will lead.

You never broke,
My heart at all,
Though deeply the loss I feel.

I may go on,
With each passing breeze,
Still feeling the love that I left.

Please don't feel sad,
When I'm not around,
Know that I chose for us both.

Softly I came,
Perchance to know you,
So softly I now take my leave. 1 comment

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