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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

Dim neon light flickers at Sunset

Jealous of it`s dazzled streaks of brilliant yellow

and the blood fire blazes across the brazen sky

My guitar whimpers, gently licking at night shadow

Sudden jolt of static rends my cord of chords

Rigid against the treble clef of ancient rifts

of Jambalaya sweet

Fire-fly shoots out from yonder shrub

Starkly bright against the chilled ebony of night

The traffic nearby sighs of motor`s roar

As the sun slips off into its`dark comforter least into a different time zone

Silver moon rising bids me sip at it`s glistening chalice

Shimmering with the promise of abated thirst

The absinthe sweet which steals my pain away

And yet the raven tangles feathers in my dreadlocks

causing me angst beyond the reach of Celestial Physician`s cure

And, yet, I know the bjorken thing must die

Òh, cut this Shakespearean garble, you say``

And, yet, nay, I`s only the meandering echo of my personal psychosis

which knaws at my cerebral cortex

Casting me into the cesspool vortex

of nevermore old Allen Poe

Surely he would be proud to have been quoted so oft

Or rather, would he turn in grave-yard sod

because his grand name and vain of his poetry deep

has been dashed, so carelessly against cold and callous

Gravestones of long, dead poets

Old Bill Shakespeare will be there

Staring into blank eyes of dread Yurik skull

Pre-supposes what it really means to be

Human...Oh how so little we know of Life and its`curious substance

which holds us together, that Infinite substance that binds us Together

The DNA, the RNA and the endo-plasmic reticulum

this dicey glue that blends body and mind together

Our lives suspend on finely spun silver thread

fastened onto the Spool of that Great Somewhere

adjacent to the Heartbreak Hotel

where Elvis still sings between bites of squished

peanut-butter sandwhiches

And, I end with this...

Why do they call them sandwhiches?

For I cannot taste the sand in them

Please, somebody, help me out of this strait-jacket.

                          June 24, 2011
                          8:49 pm

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