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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

The humble pie that devours me
is a-crumble with flake of dust-crust
and sweetish bits of raisin
and smattering of crow
Coffee i quaff is recycled
a-grained, a-washed
with cupped beggar`s hand
I dip into bitter cesspool bog
Green bread I break into cracked bowl
of lentil broth
Nevertheless, it is a-steam with slim hope of
nourished stone and cobbler`s mead
My cup
of Tin, half-empty
is gloriously stark
against Rembrandt`s dark umbre
It`s water stolen sweet
In Arizona dream
No one drinks for free
Herein, my stream of curious vision
I clutch at vanquished hope of yonder, lighted candle
flickering against enemy breeze
I see through Foster Grant eyes
yonder escarpment
A neon sign of friendly hearth
I sheath my sword upon
an altar of an ancient, sacred tongue
flames in my eyes reveal the night-shades
upon ivy-covered trestle
which leads upward, skyward
to beckoning sliver of light
dancing upon castle tower
a distant flute breathes out
the song of Minotaur`s lyre
it draws me in waves of magnetic pull
fully toward a destiny that I may never understand
Call of Raven
Call of Crow
makes me chuckle
like a whistling boy alone on a dark path to Nowhere
Suddenly, my legs are inexplicably spry
eager to dance the minuet
on this Saturday night feverish
mare of imbalanced pondering
To those who are masked and fearless
In forest deep, we dance upon one leg
by diffused murk of silver moon
Flute and timbrel clash
in heightened crescendo of foolish little ditties composed
by The Keepers of the Spheres
The Ohm of the Universe owns the night
There, I`ve said all i need to say for now
but i sense I am now losing you
So now, I must take my final bow as
the curtain must fall
But, I have managed to loosen a bit
from this strait jacket And soon i will be free, dear child
No need to worry your silly head over me
Good-bye for now
I must now go look after my chickens...

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