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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Silent Suzy

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soul mates

What more can I say.  Life is too short and sorrow too sweet.  Oh for the past moments of my wasted youth.

The day that I turned twenty one
I was holding out a freezing thumb
Somewhere outside of Memphis, Tennessee
There were no cars a coming
And a cold rain started drumming
Beating on the blacktop and on me.
A barn loft looked inviting
So I gave up hitchhiking
And climbed up to the hay loft for some sleep,
Although I started sneezing
Don’t know what kept me from freezing
I soon drifted into slumber dark and deep.
In my sleep I dreamed of kissing
A dark haired, dark eyed Miss, and
She gave me pleasures that I’d never taken
When I awoke she lay beside me
Her dark eyes sparkling brightly
When I touched her, her whole body started shaking.
I asked her what her name was
But she never gave an answer
She just shook her head and pointed to her ear
Then she pointed to her lips
And touched them with my fingertips
And I realized she couldn’t speak or hear.
In the dust she wrote Suzanne
Then placed my hand upon her bosom.
Then she softly brushed her lips against my cheek.
I should leave but then I shouldn’t
And then suddenly I couldn’t
When she kissed my lips I felt my self go weak.
When I finally left her there
With bits of hay tangled in her hair,
With her eyes she was begging me to stay.
And when she started crying,
My heart felt like I was dying.
But I told her that I’d be back some day.
Now when the rains come in November
I think back and I remember
How she loved me, how she begged me not to go.
Silent Suzy, I won't forget you
And If I could I'd come and get you
But your Momma told me that you died a year ago.

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