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John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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Bloody Dating

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soul mates

Internet dating makes me internet hating
to contact people is a great fear
Wasting all those waking hours waiting
for a reply to suddenly appear

You look at their photo and profile
And start to believe you connect
But have no real clue about them while
you have told them of your relationship shipwreck

Lost at sea you decide to swim to shore
Perhaps they'll save your life and meet
What could possibly go wrong nothing.?...or
Perhaps I'll make excuses and accept defeat

I've sent an up todate photo and summary of my life
I tried to make the interests seem like fun
But if I'm happy alone why search for a wife?
Things are settled when all said and done

I'm not sure I want to spend time a computer dater
Who sits all night tapping away
Whose hobbies are t.v. ready meals --I would hate her
and if you posted a younger photo I'd just say..

Thank you but no thanks I think I'm just fine
I've such a busy life already see
It will take more then a nervous chat and a glass of wine
To change the habits of lonesome me

So perhaps thats not how to meet Mrs Right
but also she may not come knocking at my door
and still I'm not gonna waste time on dating sites tonight
Well I've subscribed so perhaps just five minutes more!

( p.s. this is fiction)

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