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John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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Stop writing

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Start Writing

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soul mates

Stop writing poetry and Switch off the p.c.
Who is reading little me or thinkin' bout it see
Stop the creative flow put a sock in it
You wasted a rain forest now just bin it

Put an add in the writers weekly your ink has dried
The writer is no more he just kind of died
Cancel all your subscriptions dn't read no more
All this wasted time with words and what for?

I'm just gonna sit in a room and stay real quiet
Think of a new fitness fad or start a new diet
I wont struggle with all that metre and rhyme
I'll re-invent my day with all the extra time

My mind will go all blank and my houghts just turn to jelly
I'll listen to music read a book or catch up on my telly
But there's the rub when I'm caged in this den
My thoughts turn to writing and I hunt for my pen 1 comment

Without resistance I scribble out my first word
And don't care if it makes sense to others or how absurd
The thing is if you have something to say and you're a fighter
If you want to make changes then do it and be a writer

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