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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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this secret is on the tip of my tongue

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i see angels above me, i see demons below me, fighting over heaven.
i loved her more when i was sober.
i don't want a second chance.
love starts with that of a flickerin' cigarette
i swear i could feel your love before i knew your name.

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soul mates

Done lines all across this town
bumps in hotel lobby's and
restaurant restrooms, Ive been
in more times to fall down
than to urinate during
a meal, that much is certain.

Barely able to breathe with tar
filled lungs; tried to show you my
tired eyes but you were unable
to focus on my yellow tinge pupil's
for more than a second. Said, 'okay,'
said, 'ya you fine, baby, you okay.'

confused over the laughter
we shared, I'm sure.
These cobwebs are our
conversations very
own design. You see
we are just to of a
kind; and similar
we'll die together.

Girls so beautiful do smile
in my direction but it's you
I desire, forever, I swear.
Sonnets and bad jokes follow
us across our journey,
look into the sky, and I see
no sign of a God or a Devil.

Can't stand this any longer,
cannot stand with out somebody
to lean on! This crutch is simply
getting worse. This vice is the
only truth I know, and now nobody
can stop me. This demise is my journey
and it's an adventure, each day
is so gloomy! I have to figure
out a way to find happiness before
the day ends... before the cue
comes for the horizon to start up tomorrow.

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