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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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What You Want to Be

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soul mates

Came up with the first couplet on its own kinda randomly.. than found a use for it when I wrote this for a friend who needed some encouragement that he really could keep reaching for that perfect image of himself even if he didn't think he could get there.

Night trickles down your cheek
Darkness engulfing the words you speak

A dream given up is a joy that’s lost
The spirit suffers the greatest cost

An empty void can not be filled
By stirrings of hope being stilled

Take each breath as it’s given inside
Take each moment’s occurrence in stride

Be only what you want to be
Don’t stop at what you can be

A life can not be truly lived
If all unreachable goals are sieved

It’s never as important how it turns out
With a journey meaningful beyond doubt

If you strive to be that golden image in your head
You will still be closer than if you’d not instead

Nobody is perfect, but if you do your best
Stand for what you love, your spirit will do the rest

Be only what you want to be
Don’t stop at what you can be

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