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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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A Child

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soul mates

This is longest poem I have written its about a mother given birth to a child, she doesn't know how her child will turn out to be good or bad.

When a mother gives birth to a child its supposed to be the happiest time of her life.
But instead, we are thinking what is the child going to grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or even an mc?

As a mother she just wants the best for her child and who can blame her? She will give all her love to that child. But at the end of the day that child will grow up into a adult and then the problems will start from there.

Maybe your child will get in with the wrong crowd then end up locked up looking at the four walls, counting the days saying 'Im a prisoner get me out of here.'

That's why as a mother you must make the most of our child now and don't leave it too late. All we can do is be there for your child, teach them right from wrong, we all can't help how are children are going to turn out nobody is perfect we all make mistakes.

But we can learn from them and we make sure we don't make the same misakes again.
As a mother you can help your child with that, maybe your child won't listen to you at first but in the end your child will realise that your mother knows what's best for you.

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