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Cayleena Hayes Cayleena Hayes
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During my years as a writer, I have collected different online resources that I think every writer should be aware of. Here I will share a few hopefully helpful websites with you:
An online writing community. The most important tool on this website that I'd like to point out is their directories of literary magazines, literary agents, and publishers. All important information for anyone looking to get published. I will point out some of the info may be a be outdated though.
A wealth of articles, crafts, ideas, and anything that is creative. Also included are interviews with several different authors. This site is a fun place to visit and just get inspired or break that all too familiar writer's block.
Another online writing community. They have all kinds of genres and writers. There are frequently different events going on. They have a store with gear with their logo, journals, and other goodies specifically made for writers.
If you're ever stuck on names for places and characters, this website has lots of name generators.
Believe it or not is good source for searching specific names, name meanings, and ethnic names. The site moderator has also included tips for writers when naming characters.
Writer's Digest Magazine is a magazine completely devoted to the writing craft. On their site, you'll find articles, interviews, writing prompts, and much more useful information about the craft.
(Authors, Writers, and Editors)

The Occupational Outlook Handbook by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a writer. This page shows all kinds of useful facts and figures.

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