Don Yarber Don Yarber
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93 million miles to the sun. 250 thousand to the moon. The cow couldn't jump over the sun, but it did jump over the moon !!! HA-HA.

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Humour me, won't you, Don? I wasn't aiming for an accurate, historical account.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Hodge-Podge of Nursery

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She had a friend.

Young man Spooner cut quite an elegant figure. He was slender and was always spotlessly clean and well groomed. Some of the townfolk had been noted as having commented that Spooner was so hygenic that one could almost eat off of his face! He was by far the most eligible bachelor in Kutlery County. So, it came as quite a shock when, of a sudden; he eloped with Miss Disch.

The young lady, in waiting, was, of a surety, quite the opposite of young man Spooner. Miss Disch was relatively rotund,in,shall we say...body mass? Apparently, as the town gossip, would have it, Miss Disch had something of an..(ahem)...eating dish-order. She was also reported has having quite a heavy tendency towards imbibing far too much Sunlight detergent!

Young man Spooner had texted her on one night previous to their elopement. Her parents discovered his e-mail to the object of his enamored affection. He had written quite a sacharrin display of sweet nothings. The final entry read,``Run away with me, and I will take you away from all of ``dish``. Furthermore, he had added to his romantic allure the promise of a brand new front loading dish washer! Well, that completed the icing on the cake for Miss Disch. So , immediately, she had sent him a reply to the affirmative.

The little dog who had witnessed the lovers midnight escape-pade, chortled, under his breath to see such sport, as the unlikely pair sped away in a Yellow cab. How well, the schnauzer had recounted the scene! It seemed as though Spooner had quite the time unfolding his Little Giant Ladder before raising it the second story window of Miss Disch`s boudoir. He had quite a time carrying his portly fiance`down to ground level! At the moment, they came off of the last rung of the ladder, lo and behold the very tasty, but spry John Cake came rushing out of the shadows. The possible,ensuing results would have been disastrous, but Spooner nimbly shifted out of John Cake`s path.

Meanwhile, Helga Holstein was pondering the possibility of her lunar flight, but instead, had second thoughts upon considering the 93,000,000 miles she would have to attempt. As the couple bustled off into the waiting Yellow Cab, a mercurial, tan-brown fox jumped over a freshly- painted white picket fence around the Disch property. The young, laughing couple fell into each other`s arms as gently as fine china all the while fantazising about the new life which awaited somewhere over the next rainbow. 2 comments

Miss Disch already saw herself in a quaint little cottage somewhere near the vicinity of the Zeider Zee. She also envisioned a couple of little saucers and maybe one little spoon running around happily in the spacious yard around their love-nest.

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