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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Memories of Feeling

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For Charlie

Long ago before the dark,
I was able to do my part.
To voice the words that needed - to be said.
Now that I cannot remember-why I dread.
My actions have been mispercieved.
My spirit,in turmoil. It cries. It grieves.
No matter how much I wish;
the emotions are gone,sorely missed.
How I bid that they would return;
that my love,again,would burn.
I have been altered.Beyond repair?
It is thought I do not care.
You are mistaken. I am torn.
Praying that I could be reborn.
Hoping that soon you would not shed a tear.
Alas, they will continue,of this- I fear.
How can one regain what was never controlled.
I am empty. Lost my soul.
Please,forgive me. I swear-am healing.
Until then,only have memories of feeling.

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