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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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New Beginnings

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soul mates

Another poem for somebody who just needed to know that someone cared about him and the encouragement to keep going with his life and goals, and to start again if something goes wrong.

World – mind – spinning,
All ends – no beginnings,
You have no option,
You have a choice,
You choose
The outlook
Of your obligation.

In the grass,
Place for you,
Lay beside,
And feel.

Feel,     The warmth, the light, beaming down on tingling skin.
          The breeze, drinking in your scent, caressing your body.
          Grass, bending, tickling arms, asking for your gentle touch.

Feel with yours a presence,
Blurring where it touches yours,
Sensuously soothing, pleasing
Flickering with joy whenever you shift,
Never intruding,
Simply being,
Here with you,

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