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Should that be "Turkey's brains" with an apostrophe?

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'pride myself' check the spelling. :)

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The Smart Thanksgiving Turkey

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Written as an assignment in Deborah's writing group

I knew as early as June that Thanksgiving was coming. Oh I'm a smart Turkey. I was around last year but I was just a wee chick at that time and no-one would have thought of cooking me for Thanksgiving dinner.

But this year is different. I ate all winter long. I mean I stuffed myself (if you'll pardon the pun). I was as fat as a butterball. (pardon that pun too, please). And it shows. I weigh 22 pounds, and if I must say myself, I am a prize. I know that Farmer Jones has his eye on me. I can tell by the way he singles me out and tosses a huge handful of corn my way when he feeds the barnyard chickens and the rest of my clan. Once I even caught him in the barn at a big grindstone, sharpening his axe. He looked right at me and smiled. I don't know what he's got against me, but it brings a totally new concept to the old addage of having an axe to grind.

Turkeys' brains aren't as big as one of their eyes. I'm no exception to that rule, but I pride myself on being able to think ahead of the flock. So just how will I avoid being Mr. Jones's dinner at the end of this month? Maybe I can get on the good side of Mrs. Jones. With that thought in mind, I got up this morning and walked all over the barnyard picking up little pieces of goose down with my beak. I carried them, one by one, to an empty bushel basket and deposited them until the basket was full. Then I squawked and gobbled until Mrs. Jones came out to see what the problem was. I ran to the basket and stood behind it, my chest protruding, and chirped as friendly as I could. I think she was pleased that someone had gathered up a full basket of goose down to make a feather bed for her. 2 comments

I went ahead of her to the chicken coop and shooed all the chickens off their nests so she could gather the eggs undisturbed. I pulled up a whole mess of fishing worms, dropped them in a can, then took them to her as she was fishing in the stream. She actually smiled at me.

"What a smart Turkey," she said.

I wasn't smart enough, though. They ate my girlfriend. 2 comments

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