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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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Beaver Solitude

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soul mates

True story.. happened to me on the solo night of a leader in training canoe trip a few years back.. took away many memories that I will never forget.. he was so close, I could see every detail.. it was simply amazing

Perched, still as the jigsaw of rock beneath me,
Staring into the eyes of the Other,
Who sits, like me, motionless,
On a jagged sun-warm rock.

Only,              the Other’s rock is in water,
       While mine is six feet off, on shore.

Only,              the Other is smaller.
       Much smaller, it would seem.

Only,              the Other is furry.
       Very furry, so it seems.

Water droplets tremble on long whiskers
As the Other searches for my potent scent,
Not hard to find at all,
On the chilly, pine-laden breeze.

Grasping the small leafy twigs dragged there,
The Other quickly strips them naked and,
Leaving their pale bodies in contrast
With the dark of the wet rock, slips away.

The sunlight ripples on the water in the wake
Of the Other’s broad, flat, leathery tail,
Leaving me alone, once again,
With the lake, the trees, the sky, my rock.

This wild landscape is what I will remember
When you ask me to describe to you my land.

Once more,              I’ll see the luster of the lake,
       Mirroring the cool blue
       Of the summer sky.

Once more,              I’ll see the sharp dark trees, the soft pale trees,
       As the sunlight flashes on the ripples
       Of the Other’s departure.

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