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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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Nature’s Ritual

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soul mates

This was actually kind of a project given to me to do.. and I had an absolute blast doing it.. shocked everyone that knew me with the double meaning of it tehe.. I guess no one knew I had it in me.. but I've always been shy except when I'm writing..

Soft glows a world, still as a quake,
And deep in the dim, life begins to awake.
Excitement takes wing as grey turns to pink,
In this moment of bestial instinct.

              The grasses burn, the trees ignite,
              All sin is revealed in the growing light.
              Slow bodies welcome the heat produced
              As with fiery passion the land is seduced.

                            The intense colours fade to pure light
                            As energies reach their hands to the height.
                            The seekers pace quickens as hungers grow,
                            Anticipating relief in one final blow.

                                          As the golden glow reaches its peak,
                                          Quick bodies caught in the open grow weak
                                          In the face of such brutal, glaring heat.
                                          They are forced on by an unrelenting beat.

                            Ambling on with movements habitual,
                            Once more reassured by nature’s ritual,
                            Their awareness returns as the burning wanes,
                            Completing routines in the warmth that remains.

              The white light fades with a purpley hue,
              Shifting waters show a shadowy view,
              Rocks glow like embers at the base of the hill,
              Flames flicker on bushes, then slowly dance still.

The land pulls up its covers of night,
Hiding the brilliance revealed by light.
Bodies curl up in tender affection,
Once more the world settles, awaiting the sun.

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