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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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soul mates

Written for all parents who have somehow drifted away from their children..

“I never hear from you,” he said, as he talked on the phone.
“You know, sometimes I get the feeling that I’m all alone.”

“I know,” his daughter said, “I’ve been meaning to write to you.
“But I’ve been busy with the kids, and we’ve all had the flu.”

They talked a while then said good-bye, and “I love you Dad,” she said.
“I love you too, sweetheart,” he said, then picked up a book and read.

The days went by the months flew by, The years just came and went.
But the letters that they said they’d write were somehow never sent.

“Ill come home and hunt deer with you,” the young man told his Dad.
“I wish you would,” his father said, “My eyes are getting bad.”

“I’ve got to go, it’s bowling night,” His son hung up the phone.
The old man picked up his book.  Once again he felt alone.

One more time his son had said he’d write his Dad a line.
But with all the things he had to do, he couldn’t find the time.

One day the doctor came and took the old man away.
When his children learned that he was gone they could only say,

“I should have written more, I guess,” when they learned the Old Man’s fate.
“I promised him that I would write, and now it is too late.”

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