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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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soul mates

Mother will always support
the children that she’s raised,      
she will always catch them
when they fall.
She tries to pick up
the mess they leave,
but finds herself trapped
in a mound of refuse
and rubble from the destruction
of her home.
She places plants in every room
to try and rid the air of stench,
but they get pulled up,
or trampled down,
just because they might have gotten
in the way.

She tries but she can’t stop it,
she can only try to cover up
the marks they have left,
she doesn’t have enough resources left
to repair the damage
her children have wrought.

Father watches over all,
eyes two points twinkling
with tears
that sometimes fall
as he watches the destruction
of his home.

Sometimes he can’t bear to watch,
instead hides his face;
when he cries.

He cries because he can’t stop it,
he can only try to wash off
the marks they have left,
he doesn’t have enough hands
to repair the damage
his children have wrought.

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