Don Yarber Don Yarber
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should this be "defined by OUR set goals?

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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full stop again and throughout.

Bill O. farmer Bill O. farmer
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out last "these" years. You wrote 'this'

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Desmond Lesetedi Desmond Lesetedi
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It is temporary

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soul mates

Where the hell is this hell coming from? Have we been had while we laughed and compared notes about peace we never had but only that which held its place in our heads?

Anonymous quotes from amazing poets give us thoughts; they leave us posting our harmonious posts about these long gone heroes who somehow help us keep our egos 1 comment

But listen, as surely as the day goes,
We also will be bold in a world most often defined by your set goals 2 comments

We will hold on to our willpower
We will seek that which wields power till we too can dance on our finest and glorious hour 1 comment

You always have a choice, and to not choose one of the given options is in itself a choice that is most often than not defined by your chores

Obviously, this romance will not outlast this years
When you are not drunk by your tears from your still born fears; may the author of life give you ideas better than your untrained ears long to hear 2 comments

May heaven rejoice and be filled with refreshed joy when you return home
Though rebels may rob and defile your purity and tranquility, be assured that they cannot prove you wrong within

this here is a robe that is stitched right to your core soul
So forget the hell which you have hosted for so long in your land, let your hands be free and be glad, live life in love, let it all be grand and bask in full reward 1 comment

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