Zion Der hai Zion Der hai
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*PUZZLED ABOUT WHAT THIS LINE MEANS- "or give it to him" ???

Lydia Kellar Lydia Kellar
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the line "or give it to him" means that you trust God and give Him the problem because He is the only one who can really solve it.

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Lydia Kellar Lydia Kellar
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You Can Only

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soul mates

You can only,
Say so much,
Listen so long,
Comfort so far,
And cry so hard.

You can only,
Be right there,
Smile right then,
Try right now,
Grieve right here.

You can only,
Be yourself,
Be near,
Be personal,
Be there.

You can only,
Reach your limits,
Go so far,
Comfort right then,
Be you.

You can only,
Help so much,
Then hit a wall,
Reach far out.
and fall.

You can only,
Trust God,
Or not,
Give up,
Or give it to Him. 2 comments

You can only.

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