Zion Der hai Zion Der hai
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would go with the mood if it read"blood emptying from my vains...?"cause the way its written blood couldnt travel it would only empty out :)

Don Yarber Don Yarber
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scream used again in the last verse. This is one place I would keep the word "scream" if you change it in some of the other verses. Here is where you want the IMPACT to hit the reader.

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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soul mates

My mom can see me writing horror stuff, so I wrote this to give "Horror" a shot, and see how it would turn out.

Slit right through, Heart laid open,
beating wildly. Blood traveling
through my open veins. 1 comment

Gasping for breath, trying not to choke
on my own blood, as I watch my slit
wrists bleed out in the gory mirror reflection.

Blood streaked mirror. I silently watch in horror. Mind
thinking "Bloody Mary" as I freak out myself
even more.

Blood dripping off my clothes. as I try to cover my bloody body.
Veins clearly shown, Trying not to gag out more blood.

Slit right through.trying to get a hold on reality,
as the mirror shatters into little bloody shards.

I wake up gasping for breath scared for my
life. I look down to my wrists, and I scream
at what I see. 1 comment

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